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H EA σκέφτετε να μειώσει την τιμή του Wii

by on December 14, 2009

nintendo wii H EA σκέφτετε να μειώσει την τιμή του Wii

Σύμφωνα με τον CEO της EA η Nintendo θα μπορούσε να μειώσει την τιμή του Wiki

“If you look at the research at what consumers are spending their time doing, the PS2 is still right up there in terms of time usage. There is a huge number of people still playing the PS2,” Riccitiello told the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference on Wednesday. “My belief is the first platform that gets to $149 is going to inherit much of that business. And the Wii’s best opportunity – they’ve got the lowest cost platform out there – if they drive price I think they can really do well.”

Πιστεύει ότι από τον επομένο χρόνο η Nintendo θα έχει προβλήματα όταν η Sony και η Microsoft θα κυκλοφορήσουν τα motion control systems.

“I’ve often thought of Electronic Arts’ best position is of making bullets in a war and we sell them to all sides. Right now there’s a lot of reason to believe that all three platform owners are going to have to get aggressive next year. Two have already announced their intentions for product innovation. He added: “There’s a winning hand for all three of them and we’ll see who gets aggressive enough first. The Wii is not gone. But if they maintain $199 and don’t innovate they’re going to have a hard time competing with what’s already been announced from Microsoft and Sony.”

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