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Το Tactical Intervention για PC

by on January 7, 2010

ta05 Το Tactical Intervention για PC

Από τον τύπο που δημιούργησε το Counter-Strike έρχεται το ‘Tactical Intervention’, ένα επερχόμενο tactical shooter.

ta04 Το Tactical Intervention για PC

Όπως και το Counter-Strike, το Tactical Intervention θα χαρακτηρίζεται από παίχτες που ελέγχουν τις ομάδες των τρομοκρατών και των αντι-τρομοκρατών σε μάχες που θα έχουν ορισμένα νέα χαρακτηριστικά, όπως η βελτίωση της AI των ομήρων και την υποστήριξη για K9 μονάδες.

ta011 Το Tactical Intervention για PC

H FIX Korea έχει τη σχετική άδεια για το παιχνίδι που θα δημοσιευθεί στις ΗΠΑ και την Ευρώπη αναμένεται μπει σε beta στάδιο κάποια στιγμή στο πρώτο εξάμηνο του 2010.

Mihn Lee worked on various games including Counter-Strike for HL2, CS:Condition Zero, CS:Source, and Day of Defeat at Valve. Lee left Value because he wanted to create his own FPS. Lee started working on Tactical Intervention since 2006 and then joined FIX Korea two years ago as vice president.

Tactical Intervention takes aim at maximize strategic team play. The game is being developed with Source Engine and set in the modern battle between terrorists and counter terrorism team. Tactical Intervention is guaranteed to deliver real-like weapon and character design as well as K9 units and hostage NPCs with impeccable AI.

“Counter-Strike-type of game is proven to be a success throughout regions such as Asia, Europe, and North America. It is quite challenging to balance between bringing out familiarity and new system at the same time. But I can guarantee you will have fun paying it,” said Mihn Lee.

Tactical Intervention is already licensed in North America and Europe and currently looking for publishing partners in countries including Korea, Japan, China and in Southeast Asia.

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