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Clockwork Empires gameplay video — PC GAMER

by on March 20, 2014

Gaslamp spent two years working on the infrastructure for Clockwork Empires. Not the game, but rather creating a pile of tech that would allow them to start making the game, and working out how to get processors to let them do it. These guys are smart. During the development of Dredmor, two of the original three members of the team (they’re now up to “six and a half”) were completing degrees in maths and physics, which they say – as if it’s a failing – meant they weren’t entirely focused. Now they are, and their ambitions for the utterly dissimilar Empires are bigger, broader, and far more complex. In an hour with three of the most warmly enthusiastic and wonderfully strange developers I’ve met, in which the words “It’s a really tough life if you’re a model dating a bee,” were uttered, I’ve become pretty convinced they can do it.

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