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Divide et Impera a Total War: ROME II mod

by on March 6, 2014

Divide et Impera is a complete overhaul of Rome II, focused on giving users an historical and true representation of ancient warfare in all its forms, ranging from battles to campaign development to historical rosters and army sizes. Divide Et Impera means Divide and Reign, so we are reworking intensely both battle (Divide) and campaign (Reign) aspects of the game.

At first we started with AGA to redo some battle mechanics and to gather several reskin mods, then we realized that we were sharing more than this: the same passion from the greatest achievements of the TW community like: Europa Barbarorum, Rome Total Realism, RS 2, Broken Crescent and so on.

Divide Et Impera is now the expression of the new scope of our project. It is designed to give players the most historically accurate gaming experience possible within the limitations of the Rome 2 game engine.

10 Brief motives of why choosing Divide et Impera over other overhauls:

1. Historical and real Reforms for all major factions.
2. Every faction will have unique strength/weaknesses and not one of them will be alike
3. The AI will use the formations actively and will engage better against the player
4. A dynamic battle speed that will make you feel the difference between playing different factions
5. You will experience some of the better graphics you have witnessed around
6. Much better resource and trait system with Meaningul Resources and TTT
7. The mod utilizes a blend of 4TPY and 2TPY for the best blend between speed and aging
8. (A much more involved campaign representing a real challenge for the player
9. Realistic rosters with an historical representation of the units the various factions
10. [WIP] Full AOR system for all factions.

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