Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Looks Ridiculously Cool

by adminon March 28, 2014
20th Century Fox presented footage from their summer and fall slates at Thursday’s CinemaCon, including a very awesome preview of this July’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. As you may know, the sequel takes place close to a decade after the events of 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes where the remains […]


Facebook to buy Oculus VR for $2 billion

by adminon March 27, 2014
Facebook has reached a “definitive agreement” to buy Oculus VR for around $2 billion. Oculus is the clear leader in virtual reality headsets—only recently challenged by Sony’s Project Morpheus—and though it hasn’t yet released a consumer product, the company announced last week that the second version of its Oculus Rift Development Kit will ship this summer. […]

Age of Wonders III preview

by adminon March 27, 2014
When I started writing for RPS, I didn’t expect I’d ever be reviewing an Age of Wonders sequel. Now, thanks to reclaimed publishing rights and a bit of Notch magic, the venerable series has returned. It’s still capable of eating my evenings and nights, but thankfully I don’t have a degree to work on this […]


Misery 2.1 released, is a massive overhaul of the STALKER mod

by adminon March 20, 2014
Around seven months after the release of Misery 2.0, its team are back with a new update. Misery 2.1 might not be a big change numerically, but the STALKER: Call of Pripyat mod has received some major revisions to AI, weapons, gear, economy, interface and difficulty. It’s such a dramatic overhaul that the creators now […]

Home > Previews > Clockwork Empires hands-on: Life and death on the frontier Clockwork Empires: Life and death on the frontier

by adminon March 19, 2014
The best city builders feel like well-populated ant farms, CPU cores and AI code driving the routines of dozens of people-specks as they go from home to work to bed. Half the fun of SimCity, for all of its issues, is the way its tilt-shifted dioramas become blurs of activity, whirring machines that produce money […]


The Iron Throne May Feature Multiple Movie Swords

by adminon March 17, 2014
The history of the Iron Throne may be more prestigious than we ever knew. Last Thursday, extremely observant Redditor NoMoreHodoring noticed that one of the many swords in Game of Thrones‘ Iron Throne bears a striking resemblance to Gandalf’s blade, Glamdring. The thread led to darknogra and Elio_Garcia also pointing out possible replicas of Robin of Locksley’s blade […]

Hannibal At The Gates for Total War: Rome II

by adminon March 14, 2014
CA has just announced its next DLC, a campaign pack called Hannibal At The Gates for Total War: Rome II. The new DLC will bring you into the 2nd Punic Wars and allow you to play as either Rome or Carthage with historical generals such as Scipio or Hannibal. Alongside the two factions you will […]


Hands On: The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing II

by adminon March 12, 2014
The single mission I’ve played of the forthcoming sequel takes this notion and makes it even more subtle, even less incongruous to the core genre. Here, the concept of creating defences on multiple fronts was entirely about dashing about a large city level, fighting mobs as I ran from general to general, making decisions and […]

Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer and screenshots show wild new landscapes

by adminon March 7, 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee has dropped a new trailer and a couple of new screenshots on the Bioware blog showing off the wild lands we’ll get to explore in Bioware’s next big RPG, and very pretty they are too.


Divide et Impera a Total War: ROME II mod

by adminon March 6, 2014
Divide et Impera is a complete overhaul of Rome II, focused on giving users an historical and true representation of ancient warfare in all its forms, ranging from battles to campaign development to historical rosters and army sizes. Divide Et Impera means Divide and Reign, so we are reworking intensely both battle (Divide) and campaign […]