Enemy Front – CryEngine 3-powered WWII shooter to finally hit shelves in June.

by adminon March 30, 2014
City Interactive’s Enemy Front will arrive in the US on June 10, Australia on June 12, and Europe on June 13, the developer has announced.


Sniper Elite 3 gets release date, Hitler pre-order DLC

by adminon March 6, 2014
Pre-order DLC is usually along the lines of extra costumes or weapon unlocks, but Rebellion sets its sights on a loftier goal: killing Hitler. It first offered a DLC mission to assassinate the Führer with Sniper Elite V2, and now is doing the same with Sniper Elite 3.

Battlefield 4’s final two DLC packs will be developed by DICE LA

by adminon March 4, 2014
The upcoming Naval Strike pack will be DICE Stockholm’s last new content for Battlefield 4. That’s according to “DarkLord7854“, the Reddit pseudonym of a Battlelog engineer. In a post on r/Battlefield4, the developer revealed that the game’s final two DLC packs, Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand, are being handled by DICE LA.