Firewatch is the first game from Campo Santo

by adminon March 14, 2014
The developers that banded together to form Campo Santo have unveiled their first game. The studio, comprised of former The Walking Dead and Mark of the Ninja developers, are working on a single-player first-person exploration game, set in the Wyoming wilderness, called Firewatch. Firewatch puts players in the role of Henry, who has retreated from […]


30 Items You Should Collect in Dark Souls 2 Before Your First Fight

by adminon March 11, 2014
You will face plenty of hardships as you travel through the grim world of Dark Souls II. But did you know there are several important items just lying around the opening areas of the game that could make your early hours slightly easier? You can find everything from a handy shield to lifegems and homeward […]

Watch Dogs release date is May 27, new trailer

by adminon March 7, 2014
Watch Dogs has resurfaced after months off the grid. Not much has been seen of Ubi’s hacker-in-Chicago open city adventure since they announced a big delay, but creative director Jonathan Morin confirms a new release date of May 27 on Twitter, and links to a new trailer showing hacker and magic-phone-owner Aiden Pearce running around […]


Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer and screenshots show wild new landscapes

by adminon March 7, 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee has dropped a new trailer and a couple of new screenshots on the Bioware blog showing off the wild lands we’ll get to explore in Bioware’s next big RPG, and very pretty they are too.

Dark Souls 2 coming to PC on April 25

by adminon March 5, 2014
Dark Souls 2 will be hitting consoles on March 11. However, as previously stated, the PC version will follow shortly afterwards. Today, Bandai Namco has announced the release date: April 25.


5 min Video Review for South Park: The Stick of Truth

by adminon March 4, 2014
Trey Parker and Matt Stone lampoon and honor the RPG genre with great (and hilarious) success.

Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall – Review on RPS

by adminon March 2, 2014
Jacking back into Shadowrun Returns for the new Dragonfall campaign, I thought I was ready for anything. In a post-magipocalypse future where trenchcoated, wizardly elves cast shield spells on hacker allies while orcs with machine guns shower them with lead, it pays to be prepared. Dragonfall managed to get the drop on me, though. I […]


Divinity: Original Sin Feels Like A Modern Baldur’s Gate

by adminon February 27, 2014
  Miss the old D&D-based PC RPG classics? Original Sin attempts to wrap it all up in modern production values.