Age of Mythology hits Steam in May with Steamworks, Twitch, better graphics

by adminon April 3, 2014
One day, every game you’re nostalgic for will be easily available through Steam, and then you’ll have nothing left to pine for. That day draws closer now that Microsoft has announced that it’s bringing real-time strategy game Age of Mythology: Extended Edition to Steam in May 2014. Like last year’s Age of Empires II HD, […]


Civilization 5 mod brings Blizzard’s all-stars to turn-based strategy

by adminon March 27, 2014
I understand the desire for a lore-bending battle royale between Blizzard’s various franchises. I also understand the desire for that all-star showdown to not take the form of a lane-pushing game. While Blizzard aren’t about to create a 4X strategy, modders can certainly shoehorn their characters into an existing one. That’s what has happened in […]

Age of Wonders III preview

by adminon March 27, 2014
When I started writing for RPS, I didn’t expect I’d ever be reviewing an Age of Wonders sequel. Now, thanks to reclaimed publishing rights and a bit of Notch magic, the venerable series has returned. It’s still capable of eating my evenings and nights, but thankfully I don’t have a degree to work on this […]


Clockwork Empires gameplay video — PC GAMER

by adminon March 20, 2014
Gaslamp spent two years working on the infrastructure for Clockwork Empires. Not the game, but rather creating a pile of tech that would allow them to start making the game, and working out how to get processors to let them do it.

SimCity offline mode arrives today

by adminon March 19, 2014
After many months of hinting, promises, and—apparently—a substantial amount of work, the offline version of SimCity arrives today. In an update posted to the EA forums, a Maxis developer writes that the latest patch is almost entirely focused on bringing the world of SimCity offline. Update 10 adds the new single-player mode, which includes the […]


Home > Previews > Clockwork Empires hands-on: Life and death on the frontier Clockwork Empires: Life and death on the frontier

by adminon March 19, 2014
The best city builders feel like well-populated ant farms, CPU cores and AI code driving the routines of dozens of people-specks as they go from home to work to bed. Half the fun of SimCity, for all of its issues, is the way its tilt-shifted dioramas become blurs of activity, whirring machines that produce money […]

Hearthstone leaves open beta, full release now available

by adminon March 12, 2014
Just a few days after Blizzard prophesized the impending end of Hearthstone’s beta, it’s decided to surprise everyone by releasing the Warcraft-ified online card battler after three months of testing. The game is free to play, and the only requirement to get started is to hit the giant purple Play Now button at the official […]


Tropico 5 trailer takes you through the eras

by adminon March 7, 2014
The trailer offers a quick glimpse at the new eras. While previous Tropico games were set during an indefinite Cold War, this sequel starts in colonial times and runs through to the modern age. As you progress through its four eras, you’ll be able to research, build and upgrade new buildings, shifting the architecture of […]

Divide et Impera a Total War: ROME II mod

by adminon March 6, 2014
Divide et Impera is a complete overhaul of Rome II, focused on giving users an historical and true representation of ancient warfare in all its forms, ranging from battles to campaign development to historical rosters and army sizes. Divide Et Impera means Divide and Reign, so we are reworking intensely both battle (Divide) and campaign […]

InfiniteCrisis 2013-09-16 21-18-40-41

5 Useful Things to Know About Infinite Crisis

by adminon March 4, 2014
Superheroic MOBA Infinite Crisis is in better shape than it was when I played the closed beta a few months ago. It certainly wasn’t bad then, but moving, attacking, and casting spells all feel fittingly faster now. Also, since going hands-on with the newest characters on the latest map, I’ve identified five aspects of Infinite […]