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Civilization 5 mod brings Blizzard’s all-stars to turn-based strategy

by adminon March 27, 2014
I understand the desire for a lore-bending battle royale between Blizzard’s various franchises. I also understand the desire for that all-star showdown to not take the form of a lane-pushing game. While Blizzard aren’t about to create a 4X strategy, modders can certainly shoehorn their characters into an existing one. That’s what has happened in […]


Hearthstone leaves open beta, full release now available

by adminon March 12, 2014
Just a few days after Blizzard prophesized the impending end of Hearthstone’s beta, it’s decided to surprise everyone by releasing the Warcraft-ified online card battler after three months of testing. The game is free to play, and the only requirement to get started is to hit the giant purple Play Now button at the official […]

Blizzard has updated the art gallery to feature ten new pieces.

by adminon March 2, 2014
Blizzard has updated the art gallery to feature ten new pieces checkthem out

H Blizzard παίζει ήδη το Titan

by adminon March 10, 2011
Μεγάλα κομμάτια του gameplay έχουν τελειοποιηθεί στο νέο MMORPG της Blizzard.