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Dead Space is free on Origin until May

by adminon March 28, 2014
EA doesn’t want your money anymore. Well, it does, but mostly for its newer and shinier selections. Starting today, the publisher will choose one older game from its library and offer it On the House, a new Origin category for games available free of charge. First up: Visceral’s disturb-tastic Dead Space. EA hasn’t specifically said […]


SimCity offline mode arrives today

by adminon March 19, 2014
After many months of hinting, promises, and—apparently—a substantial amount of work, the offline version of SimCity arrives today. In an update posted to the EA forums, a Maxis developer writes that the latest patch is almost entirely focused on bringing the world of SimCity offline. Update 10 adds the new single-player mode, which includes the […]

Battlefield 4 Platoons roll out on February 27

by adminon February 26, 2014
DICE announced today that it will finally begin rolling out Battlefield 4’s Platoons feature on February 27. Similar to the feature in Battlefield 3, BF4’s platoons will allow you to create (if you have a high enough rank) or join clans of up to 100 members, and coordinate battles for you and your teammates.

E3 2010: Συνέντευξη Τύπου της EA

by adminon June 15, 2010
Λίγο απ' όλα είχε η φετινή συνέντευξη Τύπου της Electronic Arts...

Απογοήτευση στην ΕΑ για το Wii

by adminon December 22, 2009
H εταιρεία είναι «απογοητευμένη» με το Wii

H EA σκέφτετε να μειώσει την τιμή του Wii

by adminon December 14, 2009
My belief is the first platform that gets to $149 is going to inherit much of that business